In order to cherish the bond of friendship, the Academic Program and HR (IPSA) committees of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida joined hands to organize an outbound activity on 3rd August 2019 to celebrate Friendship Day. With friends participating in huge numbers, the event was bound to be all about teamwork, trust and most importantly…Enjoyment!


The itinerary had three back-to-back games which started at around 1:30 PM in the mid lawn. All the participating teams had 5 members each. The following activities were conducted:


Activity 1: Balloon Round-Up

The objective of the game for the teams was to cross a specified path by standing next to each other in a line, holding a balloon between every two of them. The rules were simple- balloons shouldn’t fall, or else the teams had to start again. If the balloons pop, then the team loses.

Round 2 followed wherein wild cards were introduced to compete with the teams.

Activity 2: Blindfolds Maze

Blindfolds Maze was a time-bound activity! The teams were to choose a member, who was blindfolded and then guided by the other teammates to cross certain hurdles. The team who did so in minimum time was declared the winner.

Activity 3: Tic Tac Toe

Teams who won the first two activities had a face-off in Activity-3 which was a human-size version of the famous game Tic Tac Toe. The ultimate war was between the finalists, who were competing to drop their respective colored handkerchiefs in the nine-box size partitions and the first one to get 3 handkerchiefs aligned in a row or a column or diagonally we’re the ultimate champions of the day. The members were not allowed to touch the boundaries of the cell more than 3 times, which else would have resulted in a disqualification.




Announcement Of Results

The team declared as the winner completed the finale in 1 minute and 2 seconds. Members of the winning team were Anuradha, Kartikey, Ashutosh, Harsh, and Priyansh. They were awarded the cash prize of Rs. 1500/-

The second position was secured by another team of friends which included Ritesh, Driti, Pratikshit, Rahul, and Vishal. They came close by completing the game in 1 minute 6 seconds. They were awarded the cash prize of Rs.1000/-

Last but not least, the third position was acquired by Survi and her team with a time of 1 minute 7 seconds. They were awarded the cash prize of Rs.500/-

The Coordinators of the APC and HR committee worked hard for the event. The coordinators organized and managed the activities effectively by themselves and created an opportunity for the students to have fun and celebrate friendship day with their friends. The day was not only entertaining but also gave students a sense of relief from their hectic schedule. The event was a success as more than a hundred students took part in respective games and enjoyed throughout the day…!!